Sunday, November 19, 2006

Saturday's garage tour, practice and race.

During the Busch race, this car had an oil fire; I think it's Reed Sorenson. He got out OK.

During Cup practice, the track was closed for a few minutes--I cannot remember why. This is Junior pulled up beside Tony Stewart, waiting to find out if they would be allowed to resume. Moments later, all the cars started their loud, rumbling, vibrating engines and took off again.

Part of one of Junior's Busch pit stops--it's amazing how quick they happen under the watchful eye of the NASCAR official.

This guy took a safe nap for hours and hours--I forgot to look for whenever he finally sat up to see if he was so stiff he couldn't move!

That's another shot of a pit stop.

Leland and I stood in front of Mark Martin's car in the garage. The loud motor vibrated the air so much that Leland felt the disks on the chain around his neck vibrate! He was amazed; I was in race-fan heaven.

Next it's us at Victory Lane, us in front of Junior's car hauler, me beside Junior's tractor that pulls the car hauler, and finally, me with Rutledge from "Race Day" on the Speed Channel. Love it.

What a great day we had.

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