Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Q is for Quirky

Y'all remember ABC Wednesday - O is for Oops, etc.? Here's that same TriMet sign, altered. How quirky is this? Someone has added an open-mouthed alligator, waiting patiently for the falling cyclist. George Townboy, have you been in Portland and not let me know, bringing some of those gators you've been photographing in Florida? (As a word of explanation, George Townboy is a CDPB, a City Daily Photo Blogger, who has blogs about Kissimmee, Champions Gate, and Celebration, all in Florida, and one called Comic Book Style.)

About yesterday, here's what I intended to photograph:
And here's what I thought serendipitous:
I couldn't have planned this shot, with its juxtaposition of the stop sign pole and this walking man, if my life depended on it--as they say.

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