Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mini mass transit, the skateboard, and a sports report

Lots and lots of folks travel Portland's streets and sidewalks on skateboards. During the warm months when we keep our windows open, Mama and I hear them all hours of the day and night, clickety clacking at each expansion joint of the sidewalk or just zipping along on the street in front of or beside our building. I'm glad they make noise because I doubt I'll step out in front of one when I'm waiting on Duncan to come out from beneath the shrubs.

This particular guy skates along in front of three parked Portland Police Bureau cars. The lot is across the street from PGE Park, and at this particular moment on Saturday, April 26, the Portland Timbers were about half an hour away from playing the Seattle Sounders in a USL First Division soccer game. Heated rivalry, hence the security. I had witnessed a bus load of Sounders' supporters loudly and profanely disembark at another nearby corner earlier, then saw a family taking their small son to the gate. "How will they explain the rowdiness and the profanity," I wondered. Portland won 2-0.

Do you see people commuting by skateboard in your city?

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