Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day Blessings

Almost 20 years ago, my Daddy's sister, my Aunt Baker stands behind her mother, Vivian--Ma to me. I'm standing behind my Mama who is sitting beside her mother, Sudie--Mama Sudie to me. We're in Mama and Daddy's backyard where we gathered for Mother's Day. I don't know the exact year, the mid to late 1980s is my best guess.

Mama Sudie, about 84 years old, at Ma's 90th birthday party.
Lamont, Ma, and Leland, at her 90th birthday party, 1988.

Lamont and Leland, early 1979. Lamont is three, Leland is a few months. Their hair is not red, that's the tint of the particular photo.

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