Monday, May 05, 2008

TriMet Bus Stop ID 5059

This juxtaposition of the used car lot and the bus stop speaks for itself in these days of rapidly rising gasoline prices--surely both will become more busy as more people take the bus and/or rid themselves of larger vehicles. I took this photo on a Saturday, on the way back from the vet, so it's not representative of any sort of commute, but I have noticed much larger crowds on my morning commute for the past two weeks.
NE Sandy & 16th in Portland going east, Stop ID 5059

Served by

12-Sandy Blvd


No shelter
Stop is on the near side of the intersection
Traffic signal
Lighting at stop
Pavement at back door of bus
Curb ramp near stop
Pavement at front door of bus
Sidewalk near stop

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