Saturday, May 24, 2008

TriMet PGE Park MAX Station, Stop ID 9758

PGE Park MAX Station in Portland going east Stop ID 9758

Served by

MAX Blue Line
MAX Red Line

Amenities - shelter

In this close up you can see the storage lockers where people lock their bikes and then take the MAX, or maybe store them there and live in a nearby apartment. I decided to leave the photos in color because I think you'll get more out of the photos.
The workmen are just one of the crews I've noticed at TriMet stops, taking care of business. Considering how many people use the mass transit system (and the sidewalks) around here, the lack of litter and general tidiness I see where I go is impressive.

Here's some info on the numbers TriMet say in April--I got it in an e-mail. I left in the info on how to plan your trip on TriMet, just in case you're coming to Portland!

TriMet scores record ridership in April
Nearly 69,000 more transit trips each week!

TriMet MAX and bus ridership breaks new records in April 2008:

* More than two million trips were taken on MAX and buses each week, the first time TriMet has topped two million trips for weekly ridership.
* Nearly 69,000 more trips were taken weekly during April 2008, as compared to April 2007.
* 5,400 additional daily trips were taken on transit during the morning rush hour (7-9 a.m.), as compared to April 2007. This adds up to an 11.6 percent increase over April 2007.

"These record ridership increases show that riders are choosing transit to help offset high fuel prices," said TriMet General Manager Fred Hansen. "Our transit system provides an alternative to getting around without always having to drive."
Transit Trip Tools

To plan your next transit trip, use our online trip planner or call 503-238-RIDE (7433) weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Find out when your bus or MAX train will arrive by checking TransitTracker online or by calling 503-238-RIDE (7433) and entering the stop ID number. Real-time arrival information is available for all 7,600 bus stops and 64 MAX stations.

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honesty said...

Once again, great photo composition. Were you ever a design or art student? I'm betting it comes naturally to you.

As to mass transit, wish you'd send your pics, photos and other writings in your blog regarding mass transit in Portland, to our city. We are a three-city area known for many universities, research and high income population with many PhDs. The only mass transit is the area bus system, which are mostly used by the people of low income who don't have cars.

Your photos and commentary make mass transit look like fun! I mean, put your doggie into a rolling bag and hop on the bus! And what is that, a cable car bus in today's pic? I've never seen those. I've never seen the bicycle contraptions either. And here I live in a fancy research area, with loads of universities and bike riders galore!

Good food for thought.