Friday, June 20, 2008

Elusive alien ice cube formations, captured again

For those of you who missed my first sighting of alien ice cube formations,
click here to see my post last November.

Since then, I had noticed the random nub now and then, at work and at home, but never enough to photograph.

Yesterday at lunch time, that changed.

I opened the freezer door, thinking about my sweet tea that needed some fresh ice. As I reached with my right hand to remove the ice tray, I gasped. Alien ice cube formations! Quickly I shut the freezer door and sped off to the cube where I work, to get my camera from my rolling black bag. Thankfully no one else had removed the tray from the freezer, as you can see in this photo.

Wanting to get a better shot and not thinking about how difficult it would be to focus on four widely spaced slivers of ice, I set the tray on the counter. Carefully, in order not to disturb the delicate formations, I placed my flowered plastic lunch bag and my NASCAR Talladega Aarons 499, April 2006, lemonade cup behind it, to frame the alien ice cube formations in an attractive and artistic manner. Click.
Like any self-respecting, detail-oriented explorer/document-er of the strange, weird, and seldom seen, I took another photo from a different angle.
Many more of these sightings, and I'll have to come up with a suitable scientific name for the alien ice cube formations. Any ideas, y'all?

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honesty said...

How did that happen? Pods rising out of the tray? Maybe related to some of the alien goings-on that I experienced at the very strange and terrible rehab facility from which I escaped this morning. And I do mean escaped.