Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008 ... Things are not what they seem, and that's the truth

I know you're wondering why this post says, "Monday, June 23, 2008" in the title and Sunday, June 22, 2008, in the date area that Blogger provides. And there's a good chance you're wondering what someone whose allergies have been kicking her in the boo-tay is doing taking photos of flowers afield. Here's the truth.

Ever since Blogger made a change of some magnitude in early May, I've tried to work with Blogger and the City Daily Photo portal to make my posts show up on the portal after I've published them, with the date that I want on them. It's just not happening for me on a regular basis. I wish they'd go back to the way it was, so that I could do what I used to do: I fixed up my post for tomorrow, tonight, so that I didn't have to stay awake until after midnight or try to post early in the morning because I value my sleep too much to want to get up any earlier. To make sure the date was correct, I'd go to Post Options and put in the next day's date and 12:01 AM. It would then publish with that information on it. Since May 2, if I do that, it doesn't actually publish until then, right after midnight, when I have told Blogger to schedule it for publishing. That's a great big ol' bunch of hooey, to me. At my age, I don't want to fuss with technology that won't do what I want it to do, so I'm going to post the night before most all of the time and type the date that I want the post to pertain to in my title for the post.


Now, for the flowers. I took these photos, and several more, at Portland's Living Room, Pioneer Courthouse Square, right downtown. My allergies let me along except for a few sneezes. In fact, the only real interruption came when I walked up to Broadway to see what the whooping and hollering was about and found myself watching a small, boisterous, happy portion of the Lesbian and Trans-sexual Parade, complete with motorcycle police who had them pause regularly so that the MAX trains could continue their scheduled runs, east and west beside the square. Ah, Portland.

Information from the Pioneer Courthouse Square Calendar of Events:
Festival of Flowers Presented by Hoffman Construction Company
On Display: June 6 – 18, Flower Sale: Begins June 19 at 8am

This June marks the return of one of Portland’s most renowned annual events, Festival of Flowers at Pioneer Courthouse Square. This year Pioneer Courthouse Square has partnered with The American Institute of Architects’ Committee on the Environment and Hoffman Construction to create a sustainable “urban meadow” in the heart of downtown. Over 15,000 plants of vibrant color will blend together on-site to create a stunning display for community members and visitors to enjoy. An estimated 350,000 people gather during this two-week celebration to enjoy the opening of the summer season with flowers and fun!

I only took photos of flowers in the urban meadow and will post more of them soon.

On Thursday and Friday afternoons, as I disembarked from my first bus at the corner of SW 2nd and Main, I saw several people with flat cardboard boxes filled with flowers they'd bought on their lunch hours, I imagine. Ah, Portland.

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honesty said...

How gorgeous. What colors, and I can feel the air! Just what I need while I'm lying around on day 7 of my total knee replacement. This is a pain. So thanks for the view.