Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008 ... Sunflower for a sunny day

This sunflower was among the many for sale at Pioneer Courthouse Square last week. I thought it fitting to show you such a pretty flower with a bit of sun shining on it since we're in the midst of some really beautiful, sunny days. In fact, we're forecast to have record-breaking heat in the Pacific Northwest this weekend.


I especially liked the care that was taken to showcase the sunflowers with the corn behind the rows of pots, along with whatever that is in front of them, shorter so that they don't detract. Do I see a cone-shaped bloom or some such among the green leaves?

I'm so very late posting because I decided to take a nap yesterday evening and never made it back to the computer then or this morning. I did manage to wake up last night and this morning to walk Duncan, our darlin' miniature dachshund and to go to work. I'm a good girl after all, raised right by a good mother. By the way, Mama and I and our nine windows and six fans are as ready for the heat as we can be.

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honesty said...

Very refreshing, the flowers. I'm still a bit housebound in my favorite time of year for my gardening activities. I want to get outside, smell the fresh leaves and dirt, watch the bees and butterflies. Doing that from inside is not fun. If you ever have a total knee replacement, oh lordy.

Oh sweet Duncan. His expression is so wistful and adorable.

Six fans? Wow. You must not like air conditioning. Here in NC, I'd be dead without air conditioning. Then, I remember growing up here without air conditioning until around 1962. We used a "whole house attic fan" which was fabulous. Built right into the ceiling, with louvers. Ah, the days.