Monday, June 23, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 ... Jamison Square, the Pearl District, Portland, Oregon

Saturday before last before I walked over the Burnside and Morrison bridges, I rode the streetcar to Jamison Square so that I could take photos of folks enjoying a sunny Portland afternoon along with a unique fountain.

The water's deep and the fountain's flowing while children play, their adults relaxing in the sun.
The water's less deep here. Have you got an idea what has happened to it?
The water's back in this photo that shows some of the Pearl's surrounding buildings.
Here's a close-up that gives you a clue as to the different depths.

Bits I found online about Jamison Square:

The Portland Streetcar stops just across the street from Jameson Square in the Pearl District, Portland's trendiest neighborhood. The square boasts four totem sculptures designed by Kenny Scharf, play structures, and a fountain. The square is a magnet for Pearl District residents and visitors, especially those with children. The park’s main feature is its kid-friendly fountain, whose water tumbles out of a stack of rocks in a series of mini-waterfalls. The water cascades into a large pond that – designed to mirror the ebb and flow of the ocean tide – periodically drains and then refills.

And here's a link to more complete information from the city of Portland's Web site.

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honesty said...

What a nice thing to have. I wonder if they turn it into something else in winter? Kids must love that in summer. I wonder how many are peeing in the water!