Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saga of the changing snow toupee on the red truck

We're going backwards in time here, starting with a bald red truck, on Saturday, Dec. 27, a week after the first photo below. The truck certainly looks clean, to have been buried beneath snow for a solid week!
Blurry, early morning shot from Dec. 26, as I left the building to head to work. I couldn't resist this much smaller version of the snow toupee.
Christmas Day reveals a bit of a receding hairline for the snow toupee on the red truck's passenger side.
This photo taken one week ago today shows how much snow rested in the pickup's bed as well as accentuating the toupee-look, from the back window up. It sort of reminds me of that haircut, I think it was called a fade. Anyone? Anyone?
About 12 hours later, look how much snow has stacked up on the truck!
Saturday, Dec. 20 and the first photo I took of the red truck with a light coating of snow. I think it ended up snowing four to six inches that day.

Thank you for your indulgence of all the snow photos. I'm saving some other snow shots for later in the week. The D50 will soon be off for it's check-up, cleaning, etc. I don't want to use up all of my photos too quickly. I do have the CoolPix L12 to use to take photos, but it's certainly far from the same process. I'll make it just fine, though, because I know how important it is for the D50 to be serviced.


Ted and Lori said...

Hey Lynette! I think we emailed once, but I can't find your address and am wanting to send you an evite...could you email me at Thanks!

Raining Iguanas said...

This was great, a receding hairline on a Tacoma.