Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's this about?

Half a block away, a house remodel is almost finished. The house was raised, a basement put in, and some additional square footage ended up in the attic/third floor area. It's being marketed as three separate condos, all for a good deal over $300,000, if memory serves. There is no parking.

How would you like to pay that kind of money for somewhere to live? With no parking? And your front door is situated like this?
You carry things down from street level to this 90-degree turn, down a few more steps and through the door. Small things. I can't see regular-sized furniture making it, though. There's even a low wall to the left of the stairs, see it in the next shot?

And I'm not going down the side yard and taking a look to see if there's a better entrance in the back yard. Nope. I respect private property, spatially if not always photographically. I'm satisfied, anyway, thinking this is a C-R-A-Z-Y-looking situation.

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