Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bentley, Bentley, what happened to your glasses?

I photographed this gorgeous automobile at almost the end of the detailing process, hence the missing headlight glass so that the deed could be completed professionally.

Thanks to Details by Mark, next door to Bright Auto Upholstery on SE 6th Avenue!

See what I mean? What a shine!

Sweet whitewalls!

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MissKris said...

I LOVE classic autos and this one sure rates right up there! I just got done reading the Portland Tribune while enjoying the much-cooler shade on the front porch this morning. I saw that the Pearl is hosting the Street of Dreams this year and it brought you to mind. Photos! Hahaha! Are you thinking about going?

I actually have a 3-day weekend. The grandboys and their parents have gone to Tacoma for the weekend...a d-i-l family reunion and they're going to some kind of country music concert tomorrow nite. I got my yucky grocery shopping out of the way early this morning, then Dear Hubby hopes to get off a little early this afternoon and we'll probably head out to his archery club, taking along a picnic. I've got a couple of good books to take along but I'm SO tired from all this heat I'll probably snooze!