Monday, July 06, 2009

Our short Ester Lee interlude, there on Sunday

I'm settled, on the concrete patio in front of our cottage, my rear in one plastic Adirondack, my feet in the other. It didn't take too long to let Mama out at the office end of the row to make her way to our door on her walker, then get Duncan and our stuff out of the Buick and down the 17 stairs to our door. It did take four trips, thus shortly thereafter I'm settled as you see here. In the background,the white is foam from waves, the lower blue is the Pacific Ocean, and the rest of the blue is the huge sky. You can tell from this photo that our cottage is atop a bluff.

Yep, that's my gray hair despite the fact that along my forehead it surely resembles someone's hairpiece. As I took this photo, the wind whipped around the chair, making me think any minute I'd have to zip the sweatshirt.

I'm smiling because I have zipped the sweatshirt and pulled up the hood, blocking some of the chilly wind so that I can remain outside in the glorious sun.

Gave up and tied the hood tightly. I managed to stay outside a total of 22 minutes.

Mama's settled inside the cottage, her walker doing duty as the leg-extension part of a make-shift recliner. She's got her crossword puzzle in her lap and her pencil in her left hand. With the bright sunlight streaming through the windows, she decided to keep her sunglasses on--otherwise she'd have had to shut the blinds and then miss the view. Can't do that when one is at the coast!

Duncan's settled on the fold-out couch.

Hours later at sunset.

The moon, high above the Pacific--lovely.

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MissKris said...

I take your word for it that Duncan is there somewhere, haha! We've stayed at the Ester Lee and/or the Edgecliffe several times. Both nice places. I dunno how it ever passed by me but I never realized the EL has cottages! Do you mind me asking how much you paid? And how large the one you stayed in is? Fireplace, by chance? For years we stayed at a place called the Billows that was somewhere near the end of 13th Street, I think it was. It was a converted Coast Guard dorm, I guess you'd call it. Small, cozy, quirky...just our style. Then 'progress' intervened and it was torn down for condominiums to be built there. A sad day for us, sigh. Dear Hubby and I will be heading for the beach before long but it'll be Long Beach or somewhere in that vicinity. Lincoln City is my favorite tho.