Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Popularly known as The Car Wash

Untitled fountain SW 5th and Ankeny

This tubular fountain designed by Carter, Hull, Nishita, McCulley and Baxter was installed in 1977. A wind gauge shuts off its water on gusty days to prevent hazards for motorists.

Not to mention the pedestrians. I get to walk by this fountain every weekday morning when I change from the 17 to the 4 bus. And, yes, I have seen no water spraying on windy days.

It was turned completely off for a little over two years while the bus mall was being revamped--lots of construction to make the mall better and to add another light rail line.

When the mall re-opened and bus lines returned to SW 5th and SW 6th, the fountain came back to life.



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