Thursday, July 23, 2009

By the numbers, Wood Village Nite Out, No. 1

Known across the country as National Night Out, America's Night Out Against Crime arrives on August 4. However, I learned through the newspaper that nearby Wood Village, Oregon, a city that covers .9 square miles and is way out east from my usual Portland haunts--past Gresham and Fairview and before Troutdale--would celebrate on Friday, July 17, 2009. An impressive list of planned activities beckoned me and my camera to venture east in Multnomah County.

After 530 photos taken of activities at Wood Village Nite Out, four hours walking about and/or standing in the sun-filled, mid-90s evening, three memory cards filled, three bites of a hot dog, two bottles of water consumed, two Multnomah County Sheriff's Office K-9 demonstrations, two Lake Oswego K-9 Demonstrations, one bottle of kiwi-strawberry Propel consumed, one Shasta orange soda consumed, one Multnomah County Sheriff's Office SWAT demonstration, one US Coast Guard helicopter landing, one emergency vehicle parade--as you well know I could go on and on and on--I sat myself down in the Buick and drove away from fun-filled Wood Village, Oregon.

To say that I felt hot, sweaty and satisfied would be the truth. To say that I didn't care that I would get to 3 Doors Down Cafe an hour earlier than I had planned would be the truth. That meant I could relax, drink some water and eat some tasty food. And that's exactly what I did, plus I added one new-fangled Old Fashioned for good measure. After all, Leland drove me on home.

Let's begin with some vehicles from the parade.

The Multnomah County Sheriff is in the first car. His name, Sheriff Skipper, is on the back door.


How about this vintage Multnomah County Sheriff's vehicle? A Ford--I don't know the year, but I love this car!

Unfortunately, this piece of equipment probably gets way too much use.

With the Willamette and Columbia Rivers surrounding Portland, we often hear on the news that a dive team has been called out. The van must be how they get wherever they are needed.

Here's the Gresham Fire Department truck, complete with a clown waving to people along the street. I love a parade!


Well-used, heavily-forested mountains are in every direction you can go from Portland. We hear even more often about Search and Rescue operations on the TV news.

I Googled AMR Reach and Treat Portland Oregon and found out this is a very busy rescue branch, too.

I didn't know the Sheriff had motorcycles. I've only seen Portland Police on motorcycles. Well, to tell you the truth, I've only seen a motorcycle policeman in line at the Burger King, getting his lunch, still wearing his rather large white helmet. I bet he's got to be ready to go on a moment's notice. Wonder if there's a radio in the helmet?

That's it for the parade--not all that was there but all I'm posting.

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