Sunday, July 05, 2009

Our short Ester Lee interlude, going

How about this pickup truck? Gorgeous, well-loved ride sighted in McMinnville, Oregon, on Highway 18.

Outside McMinnville, at the corner of Highway 18 and Oldsville Road. Look at that sky!

We stopped for strawberry shortcake. Oops! Duncan got a lick of whipped cream. I saw him through the camera and hollered. See my Goodwill Kate Spade, $9.99. I hope it's a real one, but even if it isn't, it's a great red leather bag.

A lovely harvested field on a rolling hillside, on Highway 18 outside Sheridan, Oregon.

Where we ended up on Sunday, June 28, on Highway 101 in Lincoln City, Oregon.

The office at the Ester Lee. Our cottage was due north, at the other end of the row. See the man with the dog? That's the dog park area, with plenty of grass and a rocky path, plus the fake fire hydrants and the narrow building with bags and a trash can. All quite civilized and efficient, except when Duncan and I made our way there after registering, the blustery cold wind caused me to zip my sweatshirt and tie the hood tightly around my face, on the last Sunday in June!

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