Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Evening, 2006, Portland, Oregon--Gifts from the Heart

Richard, Lindsay's dad, beams as he holds up his multi-bit, pen-style piece of hardware.

Here's Lindsay with her mom and her aunt, holding up the colorful case for keeping up with things in her purse--at least that's what I think it is. I knew she'd like the color, the shape, and its usefulness, however she decides to use it.

Leslie and Cooley smile sweetly as they hold up the framed rose photos from Mama and me. Those particular flowers bloomed in the summer of 2004; I took the photos on our first trip to Portland.

Lindsay's modeling her new purse, given to her by her honey, Lamont, who looks pretty pleased with himself for finding it for her.

The woolen scarf Lindsay's holding is from Russia; I found it at that great, affordable Russian store on Yamhill, across the street from Pioneer Courthouse Square.

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