Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Felice Navidad, Christmas Eve, 2006, in Boring, Oregon--Peruvian Style--Part 3

Riley thought opening one present was great, but opening more would be better. Once he had opened the little package attached to the big package, discovering batteries, his excitement over what might be inside the big box just about got him off course. You can see, though, that he's jumped up and is heading for the tree, after giving the box with the remote-control Ford (Harley Davidson emblems and colors galore). Everyone's tickled, sharing in the joy of a child at Christmas. He happily settled for helping lots of folks open their presents in between driving his truck around the carpeted floor.

His big sis Gabrielle models her reversable coat--she decided that she prefers the fur inside. What's neat is that the tan outside is water repellant, a big plus up here in the Pacific Northwest. I love that smile in the closeup.

There's Lamont, behind his new blue jeans, and Lindsay behind her new sweater, all from Leland, Cristina, et al.

Can you believe this beautiful blonde is a grandma? Yep, it's Carolyn, Alea's mom and the kids' grandma, thoroughly pleased with her Sexy Little Mints from Victoria's Secret.

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