Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Felice Navidad, Christmas Eve, 2006, in Boring, Oregon--Peruvian Style--Part 1

Christmas Eve found Mama, Lamont, Lindsay and I out in Boring to be with Cristina and Leland and her family and friends. The plan was for traditional Peruvian food (Cristina's mom Delia is from Peru), lots of laughter and togetherness and an exchange of gifts. Like the A-Team's Hannibal always said, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

This first photo is of our Peruvian salad course, papa la huncayna, made from a hunk of boiled potato, a section of boiled egg, a slice of olive and a special sauce, all on a bed of lettuce. The sauce is made with onion, garlic, green peppers, queso fresco (a style of cheese), soda crackers and milk. Everyone ate it right up, spicy sauce and all. I especially love spicy food.

Next is a closeup is of Cristina's sister's Alea's pumpkin mousse. How's that for a row of possessive nouns? Whew. It was cool and creamy, just right after our spicy salad and entree.

Here's Martina, one of Delia's long time friends. isn't she beautiful? She's from Panama. Next is Tempi, who looks great in her festive outfit. She said I'd break my camera, but I knew I wouldn't because she looked lovely.

Here's the Christmas tree, the first one Leland brought home in the trunk of his new car. Pretty soon, he and Cristina will be living in the wing that's being added onto the house (pictures will come eventually as I'm sure you've already guessed). Next Christmas, he'll bring home two trees, one for each living space!

Here's my cutie-pie Mama, the very first photo I took with my brand new camera. She looks great for an old gal, doesn't she? She'll be 81 on January 23!

Cristina's cousin Roberto and brother Pepe sport great smiles and shining eyes, being my next new-camera-guinea pigs.

Here's a beautiful trio, Carolyn, long-time family friend and mother of Alea whom Cristina considers her sister; Delia, Cristina's mom, and Cristina herself.

Delia's husband Gabriell smiles broadly for me as he pauses while loading the dishwasher. He's a man of many talents, working every spare minute on the addition to the house, as does Leland when he's not at the restaurant. There he is with hs nephew and his son.

Lamont and Lindsay enjoyed an appetizer--Lamont couldn't seem to get himself to stop chewing. When I said, "Aw, I'm taking your picture," he laughed and said, "You'll take 40 more, Mom!" Doesn't Lindsay look pretty tonight?

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