Thursday, December 14, 2006

Weather-ready Woman, Able to Withstand Wind and Water!!

Forecasts of wind and rain made Weather-ready Woman break out her long black rain coat that has no hood, plus her pine-green rain jacket with an attached hood, her shiny black vinyl boots, and her billed, bright red Dale Jr. cap! You can't see'em, but WRW always wears her Sea-Bands, those gut-saving motion-sickness acu-pressure bands; one is properly place on each wrist.

All went well on the ride to work, even if WRW had walked a couple of blocks in a downpour, then waited inside the bus stop shelter that thankfully opens away from the speeding vehicles whose drivers give no thought to where they're spraying gallons of water from the mini-rivers running the streets. The rain on the roof sounded like it fell on a tin roof, on a teensy cabin.

Hours later, the pine green rain jacket finally was dry and ready for duty after work.

Once she walked toward the outer door of her building at 5 p.m., zipped and snapped into both coats, the cap pulled securely down to the tops of her ears, WRW noticed fellow employess already outside, their coats flapping around them. Snapping to, WRW tightened the hood over her Dale Jr. cap (can't let that cap fly away--it's from the NASCAR trip) and walked out into the darkness for what turned out to be a windy, slightly rainy, altogether not too bad ride home on the bus.

Just another day in the Pacific Northwest for WRW.

All jokes aside, right now on the news they're reporting over 200,000 customers without electricity in the area around Portland and over to the coast. High winds have wreaked havoc on huge trees in already soggy ground. At least 20 roads/highways are closed due to downed trees. There have been gusts up to 100 miles over on the coast. We have a high wind warning here until 7 a.m., gusts into the 50s, temps in the 50s, maybe a thunderstorm or two. Whew.

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