Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Evening, 2006, Portland, Oregon--Gifts from the Heart

I found this black T-shirt at Presents of MInd, on Hawthorne just west of 37th and around the corner from 3 Doors Down Cafe where the guys cook. I knew the guys would love them because the reel-to-reel design would remind them of one of the few photos we have of their dad, sitting in front of a reel-to-reel machine, running sound for a folksinger friend, back in the early '70s.

Here's Lamont and the birch box I found at a neat store that sells Russian crafts, the Russian Art Gallery on Yamhill. I highly recommend it for the beauty of each object as well as the prices.

Lamont's awe and joy are evident as he eyes the gift card to Sur la Table, a kitchen/cooking store. Lindsay's parents made a solid choice.

What's smilin' and red all over? Lamont and Evan and their new T-shirts.

Leslie's thinking, "Salt?" and Cooley's thinking, "Salt!" It's good sea salt, from Lindsay and Lamont.

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