Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's been cold, even threatened freezing rain last week.

Here I am, wearing both of my Dale Earnhardt Jr. hats that I got down in Miami--one is a tight-fitting knit cap--the other is an adjustable baseball cap. When it's blustery on the way home, I put both of them on. They keep me warm and keep the hood of my forest green Helly Hansen raincoat out of my eyes. Underneath that coat I have on a black raincoat (it's longer than the green one which makes a great deal of difference when it's raining and blowing), a long-sleeved cardigan, and my regular office-type outfit. On my boots I have my brand-spanking-new Yaktrax Walkers which, according to the package, provide ice and now traction. They're easy on/off, allow you to walk naturally, have not spike, don't weigh much, and help reduce falls & injuries--at least that's what the package reads. In tiny print on the back of the package, it says "Warning: Although YakTrax may aid in walking on ice and packed snow, Yaktrax will not eliminate the inherent risks of such conditions. When wearing YakTrax, always exercise caution and reasonable care."

You shoulda seen me when I put them on for the first time--y'all know I have motion sickness! Just kidding, I felt a bit weired at first but soon walked just fine in the apartment. Going to the bus, getting on and off the bus and walking into the office went great, too, but I have to admit that there was no ice anywhere. Thank goodness. I did get quite a rise out of one of my fellow employees. She didn't exactly fall down laughing, but she couldn't stop saying, "You got chains for your shoes!"

Don't Mama and Duncan make a stylish pair, all dressed up warmly and about to go out for their afternoon walk? Too cute. Needless to say, Duncan does not like the rain or the cold wind or any combination of the two. Of course, he is 13 now, so he's entitled, don't you think? My sweet Aunt Baker came across that coat and thought it looked perfect for Mama. She wears it some of the time and her Helly Hansen (like mine except that it's light blue) other times, especially when it's pouring, just in case Duncan decides he's waited as long as he can.

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