Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Feast your eyes on these golden ginkgos

A few weeks ago, on a clear and cold Saturday, I finally had the chance to stop and take these photos of a part of Portland's Park Blocks, a series of parks that traverse downtown. Every day I'd see them from the bus as we circled the elk statue and think "Oh, I've got to take pictures of these," such was the impact of the dark tree trunks and the softly golden leaves.

Daily, I pray no matter how many years God gives me here in Portland that I never become complacent or indifferent or bored with it all. The city fascinates me. I cannot imagine being anywhere else. To paraphrase Sally Field when she accepted her Oscar: "I live here, I really live here!"

As for y'all, you know me. If one fall photo is good, then more is better. You can pick which one you like the best.

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Sonia said...

Just stunning! Looks a wonderful place!