Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back-In Angle

Let me just say that this parking space presented me with a challenge. It's on the corner of SW 3rd and Ankeny where Voodoo Doughnut operates 24 hours a day, according to their Web site. That's for another post.

It took a maneuver or two, but I finally made it, inside the line, the bumper not bumped. This one and only time I've tried this was in March, when Mama felt like making her first outing to the Bijou Cafe, a little over a month after she came home from the skilled nursing facility. On our last trip to the Bijou, we rode the bus there, then went on our MAX ride.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm a horrable parker - always have been. :)
("Voodoo Doughnut" I love that!!)

honesty said...

I love how the little bicycle has abided by the rules of "back-in angle parking only".

And look, that other family member The Buick is alive and well.

I'm waiting for the VooDoo Doughnut story myself.