Sunday, August 24, 2008


I want to wish a safe trip home to everyone at the Olympics,from all around the world.

This is another one of my miniature art cars. I assembled, glued, stickered and painted it last summer.


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MissKris said...

My brother closest to me in age used to build model cars. I'd sneak them out of his bedroom and use them - carefully! - for my little doll house people to 'drive' in. I never broke one that I can remember, either, but would he get UPSET when he'd find me playing with one, ha! I hadn't thought about those in YEARS!! And I also echo your thoughts on wishing our athletes a safe trip home. May the good Lord give them and all the others from around the world traveling mercies.

MissKris said...

And I'm adding you to my favorite Coffee Stops. I know I'll be coming by regularly. Wishing you a good week! :-D