Friday, August 22, 2008

What's black and white and red all over?

The scene: I'm sitting on a green metal bench across the river from work, in the park named Chapman Square. I'm on my lunch hour. Beside me on the bench I have my camera at the ready, my sweet ice tea, my half peanut butter sandwich, and half of a plain muffin sprinkled with chocolate chips.
The action: A woman wearing a red helmet, riding a red scooter, passes in front of me at the corner. I grab my camera, take one photo as she crosses SW 3rd, swivel to my left and take the photo you see above.
The serendipity: When I download the photo, I immediately know I could not have planned this photo any better.
The joy: I hope you share it with me as you take in the colors, the juxtapositions, the action.


honesty said...

You got two scooters in the photo. There are two guys wearing jeans and nearly the same outfits. The man on the scooter and the man walking alone are wearing nearly the same outfit. There's a triangle of red "things" in the red scooter scene. No cars at all. Is this a game, cause I think I'm losing.

I could've sworn that was Mamma out for a noon ride.

Lynette said...

And I got it all because the red scooter looked so cute. Unreal.