Friday, August 29, 2008

Europa on Park

Yesterday after work I rode the bus to the west side of the river, got off next to the
First and Main building site, and walked a few blocks west to the last Music on Main of this summer. Photos will be posted soon, I promise--I took so many that I need some time to look over them.

Anyway, after listening to some fine music outdoors, I walked a few more blocks to catch a bus home, looking here, looking there, like I always do. Of course, I must also own up to the fact that I look down a lot, making sure where my feet are going.

On SW Park, this vignette at the Europa caught my eye.


All of you photo bloggers out there will find this as much fun as I did, I think. Yesterday Jill at Salem Oregon Daily Photo commented, Do you really go to work or just wander around the streets? You have so many great street shots!!

Here’s my answering comment: Thanks, Jill, I do work a 40-hour week, but walking is so easy here, what with these super days of good weather that are so comfortable after work, with well-maintained sidewalks, the sun shining, a breeze blowing, and a TriMet ride home nearby. I can't help myself, I often take walks around downtown, camera at the ready. It's purely paradise.

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MissKris said...

Portland definitely has a lot of visual 'eye candy', doesn't it? I had Grand Jury duty for a month several summers ago and I walked all over downtown while on my lunch breaks from the court house. I'm addicted to walking, anyway, and do tons of it around the SE area I live in. But before having GJ duty I hadn't had the opportunity to spend much time downtown. I love a lot of the older architecture especially. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!