Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's black and white and red all over, again?

How's this for another serendipitous juxtaposition of like colors? While there is a good deal of gray in this photo, look at the red lights and reflectors on the parking enforcement scooter (far right, going out of the photo), the man's bicycle helmet, the back of the trailer (or whatever you call these vehicles), the reflectors on the bike and on the trailer, the flag atop the pole at the back of the trailer, and the usual spots on the back of the Volvo, as well as the circle Smart Park sign on the pole.

It was the bicycle commuters that caught my eye. I've seen lots of these around Portland, always flying a tall flag to alert vehicles to the trailer behind the bicycle. And I didn't see anything else of interest until I downloaded the photo.

Someone commented on my first WRABARAO for more Ruby Tuesday posts. post that it would have made a perfect Ruby Tuesday photo, so when I saw this I thought, "Why not? I'll try this Ruby Tuesday thing with this photo."

Look at the Mr. Linky list at Work of the Poet for more Ruby Tuesday posts.

Here's to serendipity and creative fun for all.


honesty said...

All I can say is, if my husband were riding around in car traffic with my little one in a bike trailer buggy there would be hell to pay. He could be pulling "junk" or groceries. I hope it isn't a child.

Lynette said...

Commuting like this, on surface streets but not on highways, goes on here in Portland. I've seen toddlers wearing helmets in these trailers. I couldn't do it myself, but I've never heard or read a news story about an accident involving one. Other times I'm seen homeless with their bikes attached to the trailers which hold their belongings.

honesty said...

Lynette, I just really MUST get to Portland. I'm really wanting to do that. I may get there and not want to go home, after I'll I've learned from your photos and text.

I'm still thinking about the photo you have of the little ol' lady on her scooter chair. She had whirligigs and all sorts of decor on that little thing, going about the streets. I never see these things around here. I wonder how she is doing? Got any more pics of her?