Thursday, August 21, 2008

The look of love

Tuesday evening I looked up from the computer when Mama said, "Look where Duncan has his head now." The camera sat right beside the computer, so I quickly got this first photograph as Mama talked to the little ol' man. I can't tell you how many times he has looked up at her like this over the years, his sweet little head resting on her arm. I guess he heard the camera because he looked at me, so I asked Mama to look at me and smile.
Even with the dimness of available light making them not so clear and crisp, I just love these two photos.


honesty said...

Absolutely heart-warming. You are SO lucky to have Mamma, Duncan and your wonderful life and family.

More pics like these! I so wish I had a mom like this. I love her little set-up with all her things she could ever need packed into such a small space. And the crossword...I do the newspaper crossword every day too. My dad always did it. Isn't Mamma and Duncan's little space in the world so warm and alive? I love it.

honesty said...

I see she's a lefty, too. And it isn't the newspaper, it's a crossword book. Where does one find that versatile little table that Mamma has?

Lynette said...

Mama says thanks for enjoying the photos and hers and Duncan's little corner of the world. They spend a good deal of time in her recliner, snuggled up. I found her table at a thrift store a block from our apartment--I walked home with it. The part you can see is less than half of the size of the bottom shelf and is at the back end of the table. She's got it sitting parallel with the wall. The rectangular basket came from Goodwill, and the other basket with the scissors and all of that other stuff in it came from the museum shop at the Mississippi Old Capitol. Crossword puzzles keep her sharp and occupied.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this picture definitely evokes a comment. Such a sweetie, that Dunan and what a special relationship with him and Mama. Nothing like the comfort of a dog.

I never get tired of your pictures, Lynette.

Julie in MN

Lynette said...

Thanks for stopping in, Julie. We hope all's well for you and yours in MN and elsewhere.