Monday, August 11, 2008

Windows in a Wall

What's that hanging in one of the windows in this interesting wall? I can't quite tell. I took this photo from the car--I pulled over to the curb to do it. The Oregon Macaroni Mfg. Co. label got my attention, then the windows and the color that the wall has been painted, in contrast with the neighboring wall and the light blue sky.


honesty said...

Another "adaptive reuse" of a building. Looks like another apt. or condo made from an old bldg. I love that they saved the old painted advertising name. Good to know that historical preservation is part of the deal.

As to what is hanging outside the bldg. window-I have no idea. Could be an artist drying some kind of papers. Drying underwear? Drying home made pasta noodles? No... I have no clue. I'm glad you found this photo op.

honesty said...

Here's an idea; make copies of this photo, enlarged. Maybe crop out the sky, so the composition looks like a modern art piece (squares, rectangles, represented in color blocks of the building). I can't think of the artist's name, but I think it begins with an M).

Then, you matt and frame the pieces, find out who the tenants and owner of the bldg. are, and offer them for sale. Take the money you make and have fun. That's what I would do.

Maybe there's a professional ballerina living there, and she's airing out her pointe shoes. Ha ha.

Lynette said...

Neat idea. And my first thought when I had downloaded the photo was ballet slippers. I tried cropping to get a better look, but the photo wasn't sharp enough for that to help.