Monday, March 15, 2010

A gamblin' we go!

No worries. This is not our vehicle! It's been in this tree at least since July, 2006. That's the first time we drove over to Spirit Mountain to play the penny machines. I couldn't believe it! Finally I remembered to bring my zoom lens and got a decent photo. As far as we can tell, the tree and the vehicle are in the front yard, well the front acres, of a house. There's also a giant Yellow Submarine cut-out and a giant martini glass--seems like it lights up. The photo of those two will have to wait until a light traffic day. The only reason I could get the vehicle in the tree was that I could pull the car off at a closed truck weigh station. The tree hid the submarine, and the martini glass was just too far away.

Sunday, Feb. 21, we rented a car and headed for Spirit Mountain. (The Buick's OK, just old. I had a strong feeling that I ought not to take us out on the road in it, thus the rented car.) Here's Mama enjoying some coffee from Burger King.

Sounds simple, doesn't it. Here's the real story. Mama decided she'd save us time and go with me on the bus to the downtown Enterprise office. That worked pretty good. We got the car and drove towards Leland's so that we could get the handicap-hang-tag that we always leave in the Buick. I couldn't find it! I made a wrong turn somewhere, so I pulled into a parking lot and called him. He got me straight, we got the hang-tag, then stopped at McDonald's to get Mama some breakfast. Once we'd ordered, the guy tells us they're out of biscuits! So we got a refund and went back to the car, got her oxygen bottle into the floorboard, the seat belt locked onto her. I looked around and asked, "Where's your purse?" Mama looked shocked, then said sheepishly, "Back at the apartment." No problem. We laughed about our original plan to get on the road early, and headed back towards the apartment. On the way we stopped at a Burger King drive thru and got her what she wanted, including the coffee she's got in the photo above. I took it before I got back into the car with her purse.

On the way we stopped where we always do to buy some gasoline. Mama asked, "Why do you take pictures of everything? " My answer, "Why not?"

Look at that blue sky! What a joyous day to be outdoors, going somewhere to have a good time.

Yes, we knew we'd come back with less money than we took, but we also knew we'd be smart about the whole thing. We left in plenty of time to take a photo or two (ha, ha!) on the way home. Stay tuned.

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