Monday, March 01, 2010

Vacation, Day 6, 10/26/2009, Part 2

On this particular Monday Mama and I planned to head for Puckett, to visit Aunt Baker and Uncle JL. After that good lunch and spending some time with those good friends, I stopped to take a few photos on the way south.

My absolute, all-time favorite independent bookstore in the whole, entire world is Lemuria Books upstairs in Banner Hall on I-55 North in Jackson. If you've been to Lemuria, you'll realize that I have not overdone the hyperbole.
I vividly remember my first time inside those shelf-lined walls that you can see through the doors and windows. At first content to merely stand in awe of their numbers, I slowly toured each nook and cranny, thinking, "Oh, my. look at all of these books I could get my hands on!"

Here, in fact, is a close-up of the hand holding an open book, the massive sculpture above the upstairs main door.
If you're looking for a specific book, be sure to contact Lemuria by phone or go click on the link I provided--at that link be sure to take a look at About and the FAQ for some great insight into the store, the staff, and the man behind it all, John. Back to your search for a particular book, the hey'll try really hard to find it for you and then will ship it to you, beautifully wrapped in brown paper. For me, it's a totally special way to get a desired book.

This is not a giant igloo. It's Jerry’s Catfish House on Highway 49 South near Florence, Mississippi. We didn't get to stop this time, but in the past we've enjoyed ourselves there.

Also near Florence, the white fences of The Piney Woods School.

We're getting close to Aunt Baker's and Uncle JL's!

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