Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vacation, Day 7, 10/27/2009, Part 4

Tinkerbell watches the entire process of parking and leveling the trailer.

Parking the trailer involves making it level.

Milton slowly backed up, putting the wheels onto those orange plastic squares that have Lego-looking bumps on them.

Then you put down the jacks, often onto a piece of a 4x4 post.

You let the slide-outs out. You see that the window looks like half of it is gone? That's because the slide-out is half way out.

Then you unload the back end of the trailer, the section of it that gives this type of trailer its nickname, toy hauler. Believe it or not, my bed is in the ceiling; it lowers to just below the windows you see on each wall.

Honestly, I slept very well that night, very well indeed.

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