Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vacation, Day 8, 10/28/2009, Part 1

Seen on another trailer, boosted.

I got up early to take a walk, so I lucked out and saw this beautiful fog covering most of the 40-acre campground known as C and C Camping & the Champion Center .

Boosted, ground fog shot of Kay and Milton's truck and trailer.

Boosted, ground fog, early morning at the campground. Lost in the fog, behind the fence, past the trees stands Talladega Superspeedway, waiting for all of us as well as all of NASCAR.

The section of the building on the left holds the restrooms and showers. The part on the right is known as the Champion Center, a huge meeting space.

There are 500 camping sites at this campground. Some folks bring their trailers over the weekend before the race, park and unload, then head home until closer to race day.

Some people do just what Milton and Kay always do--arrive early and get set up.

The sun's on the way!

Looks like no one's up yet, except for the Halloween decoration--Halloween is the night before the Sprint Cup race. See the windshield? No one can see in because there is a shield standing in it.

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