Monday, March 22, 2010

Vacation, Day 8, 10/28/2009, Part 4

Blue skies over Talladega and the campground mean it should be OK for Milton to move the trailer to their regular camping spot, which essentially makes the bottom of a U, with usually two of their friend's rigs making the two arms of the U which is open to the road.

He skillfully backed the hitch in the truck's bed into the trailer's connector.

You have to head in the right direction so that the doors on the trailer would open into the U.

Milton directs Ian as he backs onto the planks placed there to keep the wheels from directly resting on the ground, in case it rains again.

The tarps are moved and covered with blue indoor/outdoor carpet.

Actually the tarps and the carpet are secured at the corners and every now and then with metal spikes to keep everything in its place, plus they're duct taped together along their overlapping edges. Speaking of everything, look at all of the stuff unloaded the day before and toted across the road. Some people came to help, the ones from the previous vacation post, the ones with the short, swiveling flag poles holding the American flag and a Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 flag.

Kay and Tinkerbell sit and rest for a bit.

Now Milton and Ian begin to work at putting up the E-Z Up canopies. First off comes the storage bag.

Then you spread it out.

And more.

All the while making the E-Z Up larger and larger.

Now Ian and Milton each stand at a leg, raising it to the desired height.

Tinkerbell plays with her favorite toy, an empty plastic water bottle, on a section of the indoor/outdoor carpet yet to be covered by an E-Z Up canopy. Look how she's holding on with her front paws!

Kay's hanging her purple Halloween bat lights in the E-Z Up.

The skeleton will join the bat lights later on. He's waiting on top of the folded out white plastic table, covered with Kay's plastic table cloth.

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Anonymous said...

I like the pooch. Tinker Bell.

One of my daughters goes to the river boat anchored in the Ohio river off Cincinnati, to gamble, now and then. Sometimes she wins a lot but sometimes she wins but not a lot.

She loses more than she wins.