Thursday, March 04, 2010

Vacation, Day 7, 10/27/2009, Part 1

The day has dawned! The day I join Milton and Kay again, along with their grandson Ian, for our trip to Talladega. So here we have photos of goings on at Aunt Baker and Uncle JL's before we got in her car for the ride to meet them at the Pelahatchie exit on I-20 East.

On the left, Raphael. On the right, Squirt, the turtle who joined the family when "Finding Nemo" had come out. See the Squirt toy in Raphael's box? That's where I got the name for him.

Ginger in her favorite spot on the back porch. My Daddy made that seat, and two more like it, from VW bucket seats attached to plastic milk crates.

Isn't their home lovely?

On the way out of town, we passed Puckett's hamburger joint--it wasn't open that early in the day.

Pretty countryside, from Aunt Baker's car.

My lunch, while we waited for their arrival in the parking lot of the truck stop.

Here they are! Kay's truck pulls the "toy hauler." You will not believe what is inside that we will eventually unload outside, then move a day later!

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