Saturday, March 06, 2010

Vacation, Day 7, 10/27/2009, Part 2

I have heard that standard poodles are way smart. These two certainly look it, perched as they are in the driver's seat. Their people must have been buying gas for the motor home. I can't remember for sure--I just know I couldn't resist taking the photo.

There is no telling, absolutely no telling, what Mama's saying here. She's a hoot, so I'll wager it was funny!
Kay, Mama, Milton, Aunt Baker.

As we made our way towards Alabama, I decided to take photos here and there as I noticed something or other that grabbed my attention. Here you go--some won't need much explanation, some might, some will. I took these photos from the truck, through the windows, so I've decided to boost the color on each of them.

Almost to the Alabama, Mississippi line.

Just over the line. Who'd ever guess there'd be another way to spell Utah?

They make Mercedes Benz just off I 20, between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

Kudzu, the bane of the South. Here are some nicknames I found for it on Wikipedia: "foot-a-night vine," "mile-a-minute vine," and "the vine that ate the South" (of the United States).

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