Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vacation, Day 8, 10/28/2009, Part 2

Kay's one of those women who accomplish so much in what looks to be an effortless way. I've been in awe of her for years now.

Kay's breakfast biscuits, yummy. Oh, I need to explain something. When Kay and Milton go to Talladega, usually at least two groups of friends come in their own recreational vehicles which they camp nearby. For years they've shared in bringing the food for their get-together meals. This particular morning one of those people had not yet arrived, having decided not to drive over from Mississippi in the rain on Tuesday. That particular person was in charge of the majority of the breakfast food, although Kay always makes the biscuits so she had those ingredients with her.

She also had strawberry preserves and a bottle of Roddenbery's Northwood Lite Reduced Calorie Syrup.

Wing it, that's what we did, eating more of that delicious BBQ beef with the biscuits and jelly or syrup. Tasted great to me!

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