Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008 - Tricycle with Handle

Gee, do I wish I'd come up with this idea! Mama and I were over at the Dairy Queen on SE Division, near 56th, a few weeks ago. Remember when we had to buy a battery for the Buick? We ended up eating supper at the DQ. A daddy and his little boy stopped at the curb, waiting to cross Division so that they could come to the DQ. That's when I noticed the daddy had his hand on a handle attached to the back of his little boy's tricycle which meant no tired, aching back for that dad. I just had to ask the daddy, "Did you make that yourself?" "No," he replied. "My parents got it at a Western Auto." Western Auto! How cool is that? I can remember walking by the store in downtown Clinton, Mississippi, and seeing the wagons, bicycles and tricycles in the window, just in time for Christmas.

Have you ever seen a trike like this?


honesty said...

I've only seen them in catalogs.

Western Auto! When I was 3 I remember my dad taking me to Western Auto to buy a tricycle. It was so darned exciting, and how I remember that excitement. I remember the big, shiny glass storefront, seeing the tricycle and my reflection. The trike was shiny red with white details. I loved my tricycle so much.

honesty said...

Time for a flashback. Do you remember riding your tricycle, going way too fast downhill so that the pedals were going so fast your legs just flew out to the side and you held on while you flew down the street? Usually I crashed, but back then, life was ever so wonderful.