Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008 - Trio Tells a Tale

So, walking north on SW Broadway after one of the Music on Main Street concerts, I noticed a young couple step closer to a store window display at Mario's. I looked at what had them looking, then pulled the camera out of the rolling black bag because I know a photo opportunity when I see one. And this one wasn't going anywhere. I took my time, shooting the troop of monkeys, photographically, of course.

Here we have three somewhat traditional-looking sock monkeys. Look closely with your eyes wide open. They're telling you something, and I'll bet you've heard it before.


Faye Pekas said...

LOL, yes I've heard, seen and said it before :) Nice shot.

The Broken Man said...

They are fab! I hope they were on sale as a trio - you couldn't break up the wise monkeys!

The Broken man

honesty said...

Nice shot! I bet Mamma knows how to make sock monkeys. I wanted one more than anything as a child. Everyone's granny made them one, but not mine. So just like when I never had a Barbie and bought one for myself as an adult, I bought a sock monkey at Cracker Barrel for myself last year. I'm over it now, so I packed it away for future grandkids.