Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008 ... Volkswagon, Redux

Sleek? You betcha. Remember, the definition of sleek, having trim graceful lines. Here's trim, as an adjective, from Merriam Webster Online: exhibiting neatness, good order, or compactness of line or structure. Need I say more? OK. I can't help myself. Graceful--pleasing or attractive in line, proportion, or movement.

You're with me now, I feel it.

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honesty said...

Wow. Husband and I each had a VW when we married in 1973. He drove a '63 and i drove a '68. We LOVED them. He also had a newer "regular" car, but we loved the VWs. (He won the '63 VW when he was on an aircraft carrier in the Vietnam era. He won a poker game and that was his prize.

I saw where you mentioned a Triumph Spitfire in your past. Husband had one too, before I met him. He was in his 20s, it was black. He looked hot back then!

In high school, my best friend's dad had a VW dealership. We had a great time "out on the town" in any one of his VW beetles back then. They came in red, green, black, blue, and a few other colors I can't remember. It was the 1960s.