Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 - ABC Wednesday, B is for ball and busker and blue

When Mama and I took the MAX on Saturday, we knew we'd see plenty. We didn't expect to see this busker sort of gently juggling this ball.

While we're on ABC Wednesday, B, here's a close up of the busker, the ball, and his blue-tinted sunglasses.

And here's the entire young man. The first time I saw his performance, I put some money in his can, and he stopped to quickly shake my hand! Right after I took these photos, someone dropped something in, and the busker shook his hand, too.

As the MAX car started up again and we rolled away, I asked Mama, "Wasn't that neat?" She said, "Sure was," and had trouble believing he was not a robot!


honesty said...

Lynette, only you would find this unusual photo op.
I wonder how much money he gets, and what he does for a real living.

jill said...

Lynette -- I left you a comment on this yesterday but blogger must have eaten it -- fortunately I got a copy --

Oh my, what did he use on his body? I remember seeing someing like him at the State Fair one year. He would stand very still, then move his arm whenever a child stopped and stared. Of course, they would all jump back screaming and then laughing.

Great shots of this guy!!

btw, I just this morning put on my todo list 'look up busker'. I have seen it on many European sites and references to Paris, etc., but didn't know from where the term came. So thanks for that!

btw2, I left Eric an official invite to dinner at Three Doors Down -- HERE