Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008 - It's all happening at the zoo.

I'm sitting at the Oregon Zoo Tuesday evening, enjoying the cool breezes, watching people, waiting for the concert. A lady announces that before the music begins, they're going to fly two birds for us. Well, I grabbed my camera and prayed I would get at least one good photo, what with my not realizing for sure which way the birds would fly or if they'd actually land on the perch nearest me.

I missed the turkey vulture--I think that's what the first one was.

But I got two pretty good shots of the Harris Hawk. She flew so swiftly that I only got this one of her in the air, trailing her leather strips that must be used by the handlers.

Right after she left this perch, she flew back towards the stage and grabbed a tossed-in-the-air piece of food with her feet. After landing on the ground and eating it (I couldn't see this part for the crowd, so that's my best guess as to how that happened), she quickly flew right into her carrier, so that she could be transported to her regular quarters (I did see her fly into the door, just like someone coming home from the farmers' market).

What an overture, nature's beauty on the wing. Emmylou Harris provided the main course, well over an hour's harmony.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the Harris Hawk.

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