Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008 ... Bicycle Parking on SE Belmont


Mama, Duncan and I went on a sort of field trip in the Buick Tuesday after work. After Lamont and Lindsay got the thing to start--they kept it attached to her Honda for almost half an hour before trying to turn it over--I knew we needed to drive it for a while. I circled the block and picked up Mama and Duncan, with the kids help getting the two of them downstairs and quickly walking Duncan. Then, we were off, cruising here and there after we crossed the Willamette River. I don't mean to give you the wrong idea, though, because we had a goal in mind, the Battery Exchange at SE 20th and Belmont where we planned to get the battery checked and/or buy a new one. Long story short, checked, bad cell, new one installed. Then, we off again, with the A/C on this time, a change of circumstances that Duncan especially appreciated.

On the way from there to our next goal, the Dairy Queen on SE Division, I spied two sets of this unique bicycle parking. I quickly picked up the camera, pointed and clicked--the traffic hardly moved, so I felt safe in doing this, realizing that I might have a photo of a curb or a wall or a post. You see the cropped photo above, and the original photo below.



honesty said...

I like the cropped photo best. Cruising with Mamma and Duncan! How cute. Does Duncan get any icecream at DQ?

I thought maybe Mamma and Duncan lived with you? Maybe not?

Lynette said...

Mama's not too sure on her feet any more, so we keep her walking to what's primarily necessary. And little ol' Duncan is on a special hypoallergenic diet, per the vet, so no ice cream for him. He'd like some, thought, let me tell you.