Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008 ... Oldsmobile

Here's what I'm thinking I want to do, Sleek Week. As in having trim graceful lines, according to Merriam-Webster Online. As in the chrome grill and front end of this Oldsmobile. I am excited to see other sleek things I've already photographed and/or what I might come across around Portland. Knowing me--and Mama would say, "Yep; you always go overboard!"--I just might come up with more than a week's worth. Hope y'all don't get bored with it/me. Let's just say that if something non-sleek rears its interesting, beautiful, quirky, whatever, head, I shall interrupt my self-proclaimed Sleek Week and then return to it, posthaste.


honesty said...

I love old cars, especially the ones from my early childhood of the 1950s. The grills on those cars used to scare me, because they looked like big, mean mouths coming after me. I miss all the chrome.

Lynette said...

I miss the chrome, too.