Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008 - Green leaves, Southeast Portland

Walking on Mother's Day, along SE 37th between Division and Hawthorne, the contours, shapes, lines, and color of these leaves caught me eye.
Luckily someone had planted them in a narrow bed between the inner edge of the sidewalk and a stone retaining wall. Otherwise I would have missed the chance to take several photos.

What I have for you here are two tight crops, accentuating what drew me to the leaves in the first place. I especially like the overall shape of the leaves, sort of like funnels. See those drops of water? I wonder how long it took them to slide down into the plant.


honesty said...

How did I miss this pic? I love hostas. This looks like one of the blue variety, with the smoothe, matte leaves. Smoothe waxy finish, I mean. The veining and undulations are beautiful, as are the variations of shadow.

These two pics would look great in black & white, matted and framed, side by side.

Lynette said...

Glad you liked these photos.